Monday, November 14, 2011

Adventures in Vlogging

We didn't have much to blog about today. 
So, we thought we would surprise you with a cute little video expressing all of our hopes and dreams. You know, help you guys get to know us a little bit better. We soon realized we are physically incapable of being normal. The following is the result. Be prepared to see us be really hideous attractive.
The first attempts:

(excuse the fact that Lauren sounds like Fran Drescher. Or a pubescent 12-year-old boy. She lost her voice.)

Well that was fun. The videos soon regressed into this:
we were blissfully unaware our faces could look like that
blair witch project, part deux
the black hole of friendship
some may ask, why? we say, why not?

us, and us, and more us
precious moments
Then maybe we just started taking videos of us lip-synching stupid youtube videos.

We're starting to think posting these was a bad idea...
We probably won't try vlogging anymore.



  1. I almost died laughing going through your attempted vlogging! So funny!! Thanks for making my evening more enjoyable!

  2. Hahaha just what I needed before going to bed! You guys are hilarious.

  3. it wouldn't let me watch the videos, but these images are just hilarious! you two are just perfect together!
    xo TJ

  4. Hahah I love this! Your blog is adorable. It reminds me of my roommate and I :) Love it!

  5. whoo! that was hawt! haha
    you guys should vlog more. that was enjoyable.
    xo, anna


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