Tuesday, October 25, 2011


top/belt: f21, sweater: gap, jeans: ross, shoes: dsw, watch: seiko, bracelet: thrifted

sweater: worthington, shirt/shoes/earrings: f21, jeans: levi's
Well we wore the same shirt again today. (Remember that shirt?) 
This has happened on many-a occasion.
We guess true friendship means walking out of our rooms in the morning wearing the same outfit, right?
We always have those encounters with each other where we make jokes about wearing the same thing and then there's that long awkward pause while we wait for the other to say they'll change.
You know how that is.
Fortunately, we can layer with sweaters now so it totally makes it ok.
Or maybe we just like dressing like twins. 

Speaking of twins, have you seen this blog?
How we just found out about it, we have no idea. Especially considering it might have been made exclusively for us.
(If you're new to the blog, you'll learn quickly that we have a more than slight obsession with them)
so freakin fabulous it's insane.

Once again, don't forget to check out our guest post over here!



  1. I love that chunky knit sweater!! Outfit inspiration for the day? check.

  2. I them too!! I even have the same bday as Mary-Kate and Ashley. :) I've always felt cool. Haha!

  3. this is probably why we were all meant to be friends. my BFF and i have been completely obsessed with the Olsen twins since forever. it's kind of pathetic. but seriously, how could you not be. our lips are sealed, billboard dad, winning london?? classics. ha
    xo TJ

  4. I like the belt around the chunky knit and shirt. It's a cute look.

    just found your blog now, like it a lot so you guys have a new follower here!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING

  5. Do i know which is which when it comes to you two?
    uh.. that would be a no.
    but. you little lady at the top with the knit sweater and that sassy look on your face (sassy in a good way of course.)
    yes you.
    i claim the oppinion that your eyeborws are perfect.
    in fact.. i dont think ive seen eyebrows so perfectionaboe. (word of the day)
    not even angelina jolie, or michelle obama.
    okay so maybe i havent actually paid attention to what her eyebrows look like but .. im sure yours are better.
    thank you for owning them.

    xo kelsey rae

  6. Love the layers - and I know what you mean when you both walk out wearing almost the same thing and awkwardly wait for one person to offer to change....

    love your blog!

  7. cute outfits! love the chunky knit.x

  8. Love both these outfits! You twins are adorable. New follower here!


  9. you two look so lovely in these outfits! i just stumbled across your blog--it's adorable! i'm following :)


  10. beautiful braided bangs! cute outifits y'all :)
    i'm having a GIVEAWAY! southernpinky.blogspot.com

  11. Loving both of these outfits! You guys look fabbb! just stumbled accross your blog--loving it!


  12. Oh my WORD I'm so excited by your blog! I did a double-trouble style blog with my college roommate while we were in school...now I have my own but I miss posting together (and sharing closets). Please stop by and say hello, I want to see more of what you've been wearing and I'd love to keep in blogger touch ;)

    <3 Cambria

  13. Yes to duel blogging with your best friend! I am loving the sweaters, especially since the weather has been particularly brisk in San Francisco. And both of your shoes are just AMAZING. xx

  14. You girls are too cute. Glad I found your cute blog, newest follower :)


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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