Monday, October 10, 2011

Krazy 4 Karaoke

top: thrifted, sweater: delias, belt: jcrew, jeans: levi's, boots: miz mooz
sweater: f21, belt/jeans: ross, boots: anthro
If you were wondering what else we did this weekend... This might help:
We wish we could say we planned those dance moves. It just happened.

Okay, to be perfectly honest this is a video from a while ago.
But we did go karaoke our little hearts out. By ourselves. We're cool.
Basically, we're karaoke fiends and we just can't get enough. Is that so wrong?
We're so good, we get recognized.
Karaoke guy: "Hey aren't you those girls who sang Sk8er Boi in death metal voices a few months ago at Applebees?"
Us: "Noooo?....Yes."
We guess you can say our reputation precedes us.

Maybe if you stick around, you'll find a video of our latest karaoke masterpiece.



  1. I'm sad you didn't come grace us with a performance at the blogger party. haha! jk. :) And miss Madison... I need those boots.

  2. umm, i'm pretty sure we are destined to be friends. karaoke is the greatest invention. mr. taylor and i have fun doing that and having dance parties on our wii. gotta enjoy all those little things in life!
    xo TJ

  3. love the mustard. have you guys ever shopped online at Yesstyle? it is one of my favorite online stores after living in Japan. i bet you'd love it!



  4. Love your blog you two! :) You are both adorable! :)

  5. Wow it´s amazing! Love these photos and zour blog is great :)
    I´m following you now and hope you follow me back please :)

  6. I love both your outfits! Boots are so pretty :)


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