Saturday, October 8, 2011


top: macys, blazer: uo, jeans: ae, boots: anthro
top: f21, blazer: abercrombie & fitch, pants: jcrew, necklaces: nordstrom/ae, boots: hm, socks: costco

While the rest of our peers were at the BYU football game, we mostly just spent this Saturday night hanging with our BFF's. Take a looksy:

The family
Hanging with our gurrl. 

oh! how did this picture of us and our boyfriends get in here?


  1. Hahaha! Love the last one. :) you girls look gorgeous as always! We sure missed you the other night!!

  2. LOL. that made me crack up! I love the last picture, it's hilarious! I used to make pictures like that with my friends too. Oh god, I'm dying.

  3. cute as always. and the photoshops are great!

  4. Absolutely adore those Anthro boots (and your hair) and I'm jealous of you being with the Salvatore brothers haha :P If only ... hope you've had a great weekend :)

  5. hahahaha the last pic with you and your "boyfriends" had me laughing so hard!!! you guys are so hilarious i love it!!


  6. okay. Few things.

    1) You girls are HILARIOUS.
    2) I LOVE both of your outfits. Like always. Obsessed with your style.
    3) Can't believe I ran into you two today at church!!! SO great!!!!
    4) Take me shopping/thrifting with you. We live two blocks away!
    5) You two are the sweetest most unawkward girls ever (: Love youuu!


  7. WOWZA! Awesome photos!!

    Have I told you lately that WE love you! My girlfriend, Charlotte (CURLCRAVE) and I love your bloggg!!!

    Who takes your amazing photos??? Is that your family?? Loving it!

    Keep in touch missy!

    p.s. The concept of your blog is amazing! I hope you're getting the credit you deserve!

  8. lovin' the outfits as always. you two are hilarious! i never realized that you guys had such an "in" with all these people. we'll all have to go out and party sometime! ;)
    xo TJ


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