Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We Likey Wednesday

Girl Crush: Carey Mulligan
Look at her. She's cute as a button.
Why is it that as her hair get's shorter, she gets cuter?
Riddle us that.

Boy Crush: Matthew Lewis

You might want to sit down before we tell you....
That's Neville Longbottom.
Yes, the chubby awkward kid from Harry Potter.
He's a man now. And puberty has done him well.
So very well.
 And we thought this was funny too:
We could've used a copy of this...
Flava of the Week: Sammy's Cafe

Yes we've posted about our beloved Sammy's before, but a recent late night pieshake run resulted in the discovery of the pumpkin pie milkshake. And it's seasonally appropriate!

We Want: Cheetah Print Flats
These pretty kitties have been popping up everywhere. They're purrrrrrrrrrrfect.
(We're so cool)

Tunes: Gotye, "Somebody That I Used to Know"

The first little bit of this video might lead you to believe you are going to see a naked man.
Don't be alarmed/get your hopes up, because you don't see anything.
Pay more attention to the fact that this song is awesome and catchy and super belt-worthy.

Funnies: Mr. G's Drama Class

We have to let you know that 97% of the people we show this to don't think it's funny.
But it is.



  1. take your shoes off! find a spot on the floor.
    never gets old...

  2. Hahahaha!! Everyone join in! I'm going to slap you Emily! Ah. You crazy Mr. G :)

    Also, Matt Lewis is a hunkasaur.

  3. Mr. G's Drama Class was so funny I was laughing the whole way through. It reminded me of Modern Family kind of funny. :)

  4. I love love love my cheetah flats! They actually have 2 inexpensive and really cute styles at target right now, believe it or not!

  5. I second the Matthew Lewis boy crush. Seriously. Who would have thought he would have grown up to be the hottest of all the HP cast? It made my mouth drop a little the first time I saw him out of character (after he finished puberty, obviously).

  6. no way is that matthew lewis book real. so perfect. i seriously didn't even recognize him. he is gorgeous!!
    xo TJ

  7. i would have you know that I looooooooooooooove Mr. G's drama class... that is the funniest!! people are crazy if they don't laugh. best ever.

  8. i just found your blog, and gracious am i glad i did! i love all your style and you're both hilarious, but this is a whole new level of awesome... i would like to be bffs with you two and mr. g.

  9. Carey is my girl crush, too. Cute blog!


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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