Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Friday?

top: jcrew, skirt: anthro, necklace: nordstrom, loafers: dsw
top: anthro, sweater: f21, jeans: levi's, belt: thrifted, glasses: ray ban
It's the freakin' weekend. Baby, we about to have us some fun.
And by fun, we mean doing a crap-ton of homework and studying for midterms. Huzzah!
But we do have General Conference, and maybe somewhere in between there we'll finally clean up the huge mess of streamers, M&M's, and balloons from that birthday rager we had on Monday.
(Seriously, it's starting to look like a homeless shelter around here)
Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!
What are your weekend plans?
(Just because ours are lame doesn't mean we can't live vicariously through you, right?)



  1. okay you guys dont know me but ive been blog stalking you for awhile. anyways madison i love your mecklace!! ive been looking for one like that for awhile...too bad its from nordstroms cuz im broke and need to find a cheap place that sells amazing necklaces like yours! and lauren i love your booties!! i have one black pair but need a nude/brown color to go my more casual looks... im jealous of yours.

  2. i love this outfit with the cardigan on. the necklace is so pretty too!

  3. i love the cardigan. the only problem is, i can't pull off animal patterns... so i just wear solid colored clothing.

  4. Awwh these outfits are gorgeous. :D xx

  5. the outfits are both wonderful!


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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