Saturday, September 24, 2011

Creepin' SLC

top: f21, pants: banana republic, shoes: ross, bag: tj maxx, necklace: nordstrom rack
top/pants/shoes: f21, blazer: oxford & regent, sunnies: uo
While crusin' in the SLC today, we looked over to see a cute boy on a bike.
So we did what anyone would do; we tried to take a picture.... naturally.
(Okay to be fair, we were joking about how creepy it would be to look over and see someone taking a picture of you... So we tested it out. That's normal, right?)

Well, as Lauren has the camera positioned
and cute boy in focus, he suddenly looks over. And the following chaos ensues:
Camera goes flying.
Our heads duck down under dashboard faster than you can say, "Hey, are those girls taking a picture of me?". 
(Keep in mind, Madison is still driving)
A little bit of dignity is lost.
And questions about why we're single are answered.

Goodbye bike boy. It was good while it lasted. Sorry we're so creepy.
And that was that.


  1. i miss your shenanigans. r.i.p.

  2. ok, this is officially hilarious. like really.

    came over from rockstar diaries blog! y'all are cute*
    xo, mem<3

  3. LOVE this story! He looks cute from what I can see :) And I love both of your outfits--just adorable!

  4. hahahhahahha! Did I say I'm excited to meet you two yet? Oh, that's right I did. Well, I just got doubly excited. :) Love the outfits!

  5. ha, everyone has their moment of snagging a picture of a cute boy. the technique is to pretend like you're taking a picture of your friend while 'cute boy' is in the background.....not like i have experience or anything, ha
    xo TJ

  6. Hahaha!!! I loled. That was a fantastic post! Hope you had fun in Salt Lake :)

  7. hahahahahahaha SO funny. You girls are stylish.

  8. Sometimes you definitely have to get a little creepy when it comes to snagging a cute boy:-) what?! You girls are fun! xoxo

  9. This is hilarious as hilarious can ever get!! I laughed out loud non-stop for a while, then laughed everytime I thought of it. You two are cutie pies! Love your outfits of the day! Josie

  10. Haha this is hilarious! I so would have done this when I was single...hmm...trying to remember when or if I have haha. Oh, one time we saw someone famous and my friend stood kind of in front and we took a picture of her and the guys were in the back :) Some band or something. Anyways, but cute clothes of course andddd glad to see you are attending the blogger party! I'm throwing it with Gentri and Kelsey so glad you'll make it :)

  11. You two sound just like my best friend and I! Except you guys seem way more smooth. Haha You girls always look so cute!


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