Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School Blues

sweater/scarf: hm, pants: uo, bag: ross
top: ae, scarf: thrifted, pants: f21, belt: target, bag: uo
School time is a time.
And we suppose if it's something you gotta do,
you might as well look good doing it. 

For now at least. 
Wait until somewhere around mid-November when the temperature drops below freezing and we start to look like cave people bundled up in fifty layers of sleep shirts, topped off with a giant sweatshirt to match with our oversized sweatpants and furry boots.
Gosh, we're attractive by then.

Anyways, we've been complaining a lot lately about the weather to come. 
On a more positive note, classes are going decently and we are filling our brains with knowledge and stuff.
We are also attempting to be more social! Look at us!
We made peanut butter cookies yesterday for some new people in our complex.
And found out half the BYU lacrosse team just moved in next door...

Can't complain about that.



  1. So glad there will be fellow cave people on campus in Winter. You guys have the best style. Reunion sometime? Okay? Okay.

  2. I could never tell you have the blues based off how cute both of you look! Happy schooling!

  3. You girls have the cutest blog! All of your outfits are too cute :-) keep it coming!


  4. Mind emailing me where you got your glasses? They're awesome and I'm in the market!

  5. Would you mind emailing me where you got your glasses? They're awesome and I'm in the market. Thx!


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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