Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weddings Shmeddings

Like what you see?
Mawwwwaige. It's what brought us to that photobooth a few days ago.
Madison's oldest brother tied the knot this week and we were there to partake in the festivities. 
(other bff, Chelsea came too!)
All this wedding crap is making us want to get married. 
No, not because we are emotionally desperate, but because we want to plan a wedding. Bad.
We want to pick out colors, we want to try on dresses, we want to go taste wedding cakes!
We have problems. 
Right now, the best we can do is put together this little diddly-doo of our favorite wedding things.
This may or may not be the result of a 2 a.m. future-wedding planning binge:
Oh, that J.Crew model?
That's just an idea of what our husbands are going to look like.

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