Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two girls. One shirt.

Once upon a time, Madison wore a shirt
 Lauren saw that shirt and thought, "Hey, I like that shirt."
So what did Lauren do?

She bought the same shirt.

Normally this is a friendship fashion no-no. 
But at the time, Madison and Lauren weren't living together. Or even in the same city. 
So Lauren justified herself.
Fast forward to today, if you will. Madison and Lauren are getting ready for the day.
They come out of their rooms wearing the same exact shirt.
(And basically the same outfit)
So this gave us an idea.
One shirt, worn two ways. Here is the result:

dress it up
top: f21, belt: anthro, skirt: jcrew,
necklace: ae, shoes: thrifted

dress it down
top: f21, pants: banana republic,
glasses/shoes: uo, backpack: ross
P.S. Notice anything different about Madison's hair?

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