Friday, July 22, 2011

We Likey

So on the menu for today is a little ditty we like to call We Likey
  This is where we share what things that we find, intriguing, exciting, and delicious. Here you go friends:

Girl Crush: Elle Fanning
Ok, not really a girl crush... but kinda. I mean look at her. She is just so freakin' cute. 

In her new Campaign for Rodarte. You will likey.

Flava of the Week: Frozen Yogurt
 So yummy in our tummies.
Yeah, that's the stuff.

What We Want: Ascots
They say: I'm classy and I know how to tie cool knots. 

Check out this site for neato tying tips!

Tunes: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
We are so pumped to see them next week! 
We are dancin' machines and ready to show Salt Lake what we are made of.

Here are some of the goods. 

Youtube: Little Boy Learns How To Ride Bike
Still funny. Even after the hundredth time.. or maybe that's just us.

Thumbs up everybody! For Rock and Roll!

* Note: Check out the captions for  links n' such

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