Monday, July 18, 2011

The Open Road

When California calls, you answer the phone.
Which is exactly what we did this past week.
So we made the trek across the barren Nevada (and a little bit of Utah) desert to the places of our origin.
Which are conveniently located 2 hours away from each other in Northern California.
What did we do during this ten hour escapade?
Take a looky look:

We enjoyed the sites
Two things Utah is known for:
The Great Salt Lake (left) and its roadside.... art? (right)
Maddie's brother Austin came along for the ride.
The king in his castle... of pillows.
 Nevada is so beautiful.
10 dollar lap dances?!?! What a deal!
  We passed by the Morton Salt Company plant.
Making delicious food more delicious since 1848.
Yeah, we looked it up.
Oh, and this was nice too.
So vivid! So intense! What does this mean?

 And that's all she wrote.

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