Monday, June 13, 2011

Things we like: Summer 2011

summer picks

1.Breezy, Flirty, and Feminine. And such an adorable color. We want these shorts. Bad. (Sweet Green Tea Scalloped Shorts-

2. The latest and greatest from an awesome band, Fleet Foxes' Helplessness Blues. Folky jams, perfect for the summertime. ($8 on

3. Cat Eye Sunglasses. Meow. (Candy Beach Two-Tone Cat Eye Sunglasses- Urban Outiftters)

4. Nobody likes chapped lips. Plus, this one has a slight tint and a yummy scent. (Burts Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm- any grocery or drugstore)

5. Mustard yellow. Bows. Flat Sandals. All our favorite things in one. Can't get better than that. (Hatty2 Yellow Bow Sandals-

6. We're really into high-waisted retro style bikinis. These bottoms are hot-ta-ta. (Retro Dot Shelley Brief-

7. This is an awesome daily moisturizer that also has SPF 35. Protect the skin you have. It's the only one you're gonna get. (Neutrogena Oil-Free SPF 35 moisturizer- any grocery or drugstore)

8. All the convenience of a purse, minus having to hold it. (Cooperative Mini Basic Backpack- Urban Outfitters)

9. Nautical stripes- it's like, "I'm classy, but I'm also here to have a good time on a sailboat" (Across the Bay Top-

10. WE LOVE HATS. To put it in the words of Rachel Zoe, "It's bananas. I die." (Two-tone Straw Fedora-

11. Everyone needs a chunky leather bracelet that gives them awesome tan lines. We like dis one. (

12. We both own a pair of cheap anchor earrings from Forever21 and we wear them everywhere. These are a little more expensive but are probably made out of real metal. (It's the Little Things Anchor studs-

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