Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shimmy and a Shake

A funny conversation that occurred while Lauren was studying for finals:
L- "I think I have ADD. I looked it up. I have all the symptoms."
M- "Stop it, you're being such a necrophiliac."
L- ".... do you mean hypochondriac?"
M- "Yeah... that."

(For those of you who don't know their psychological disorders, a hypochondriac is someone who constantly thinks they are sick all the time, while a necrophiliac is someone who has sex with dead bodies. May we just inform you that Madison is a psychology major. Maybe she was just studying too much. Let's go with that.)

With the end of finals, we decided it was time for yummy hamburgers and bla-blee-bloops. Also known as milkshakes. So we headed over to the hottest burger joint in town:
They know us there. It's almost embarrassing.
Sammy's in Provo has delicious burgers and french fries and milkshakes. They bring all the boys to the yard. Even the lactose intolerant. But they don't just have normal milkshakes... they take slices of  pies and mix em in with your milkshake; meet the Pieshake, friends. Sammy's is delicious in a "this is clogging the crap out of my arteries, but totally worth it" sort of way.

And we were surprised to find out we were getting a dinner AND a show. Yep, Sammy's holds free concerts every Friday night. What's up with Utah and free concerts? We don't know, but we likey.
We're not sure who he was, but he came into our life and rocked it with his sweet, soulful voice.

We don't know what this band was called either. If any of you know, let us know.
We might have stolen some quick pics beforehand, also:

top: anthro, belt: thrifted, pants: nordstrom, shoes: american eagle

top: f21, jeans:f21, shoes: anthro, necklace: thrifted, belt: ross

We understand these pictures aren't great quality. You can click on them to see them in their full glory. We're still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out.
We sometimes wish there was easier way to format pictures and posts. If there is, please let us know. Thanks.

Peace out, Girl Scout.


  1. even if they're lactose intolerant, that's awesome

  2. Sammy's sounds like a great place to go when we come up to visit you! By the way, I think your pics are great looking!


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