Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cool to the Maxi

Give a girl a maxi dress, she's gonna want some more maxi dresses. 
Lots more.
It's true. We have Maxi Fever. It's like Bieber Fever, but much more detrimental to our wallets. 
And a lot less pedophile-ish.
check out these lovelies:
Maxi Time
1. Floral Pleated Maxi Dress-
2. Imitation Molly Maxi Creme Dress-
3. Ethnic Print Maxi Dress- Forever21
4. Gone to the Grasslands Dress-
5. Navy Stripe Racer Back Maxi Dress-
6. Straps Belt Green Dress-
7. Light-hearted Laughter Ruffle-Front Maxi Dress-
8. Parallel Flights Dress- Anthropologie
9. Creme Strappy Print Maxi Dress-

And then we have some maxi loves of our own
dress: urbanwear, sweater: jcrew, belt: f21, necklace: gift from momma
top: jcrew, locket: nordstrom, belt: thrifted, skirt: primark 
 The skirt was a b-day gift from our sweet roomie, Chelsea, bought while studying abroad in London. 
Love her. Love this skirt.

Oh. And remember that time when we said we were going to learn how to waterfall braid hair?
Well looky here.
Lauren's pride and joy
Next on the craft adventure agenda:

This one requires us to use a sewing machine. This should be good.
Stay tuned.


  1. no pictures of your locket falling open and my lovely smile peeking out, lauren? i'm mildly offended.

  2. madison, your inner tigress is emerging
    i likey
    and i uber want that skirt

  3. stumbling serendiptously across your blog, i couldn't help squealing over your gorgeous fashion stylings, great work girls. haha and i love the tid-bits of humour in your blogs :)

  4. *blog posts

    (hehe my bad)


Reading your comments is like finding 5 dollars in my pocket. You guys are the best.

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