Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Adventures with Mary-Kate

The other night something magical happened. A puppy showed up in our midst and spent the night in our apartment. Cathy (our landlady), if you are reading this, please don't murder us.

Actually the puppy belonged to the sister of one of our roommates. But for the night, she was ours.
Meet Mary-Kate
Okay so her name was actually Coco. But maybe we have a slight obsession with the Olsen twins. Doesn't everybody? (Say what you will about New York Minute. It was funny and you know it.)

side note: If there is anyone else out there with a slight Olsen twin obsession, this song is for you. We think of it as an anthem of sorts.
We're normal. 
 In other news, Lauren got her hair cut today. I guess you know your hair is too long when you can cut off 7 or 8 inches and nobody notices. But maybe it's noticeable this time? Madison is considering a slightly drastic haircut too. Maybe to her shoulders? Thoughts?

top: UO, pants: banana republic, shoes: seychelles, hat: f21

top: UO, skirt: f21, shoes: UO


  1. shoulder length = a 589% increase on Madison's hotness.

    and Lauren's cut is totes noticeable. and sexy.

  2. Did someone say puppies?? I want one....


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